I don't have a magical story
of why I went into design.
I just sort of fell in love with it.

I always noticed design: unusual packaging, interesting color combinations, patterns, but I didn't give it a second thought. Until I started making friends who were in the field and watched them work; I became jealous. Not because of what they were creating (though that did play a role), but because they were creating. I never saw myself as a creative person, but watching them work, I realized that I was. I was creating solutions to problems; and that's what design is about. I want to create that solution.

I look at every problem from different angles to discover the best solution. And communication is key through all of it: from the team, to the client, to the customer. Designing is about creating a solution. And I believe I’m the solution for which you’re looking.

The education that I earned at Johnson County Community College, along with my internship and previous work history, have helped chisel me into a better designer. I have gained a great knowledge for design from conceptual to final product and I’m excited to be part of the design community in Kansas City.

My strengths are in layout, campaigns, and packaging. I’ve dabbled a bit in UI and am currently studying the basics of UX. I am a determined person. I love taking on new challenges and enjoy working both in a team as well as individually. I push myself to learn new things and move out of my comfort zone as much as I can. Lately, it's been the nuances of Irish whiskey, how to roast my own coffee, and pursuing the ability to play guitar.

I am excited for the next step of my journey. From internships to freelance projects, I've been able to keep myself busier, and happier, than most. If you're interested to see whether or not I'm a fit for your company, or if you're looking for a designer for a personal project, please feel free to connect with me.




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