I’ve had the great pleasure

I really have.

From working with a variety of companies, Westlake, Hogarth, and more, as well as a range of company sizes within the same industry, Beauty Brands, Beauty Kind, and No Mo-Stache, I have had the amazing opportunity of working with people who want to expand their reach and become more accessible. Having worked one-on-one directly with owners and with teams, I’ve seen opportunities for bridging the gap between the brand and their demographic as well as opportunities to try something new, both for them and sometimes myself! Thankfully, most of the time the brands are right there with me! I love exploring the possibility of what we can be and always look forward to creating a new adventure, for the client and myself.

Below you’ll get a quick overview of a few elements I’ve created while working with brands, all for different purposes (promotion, fundraising, updates).

Current Freelance Projects.jpg
Current Freelance Projects2.jpg
Current Freelance Projects3.jpg
Current Freelance Projects4.jpg
Current Freelance Projects5.jpg
Current Freelance Projects6.jpg
Current Freelance Projects7.jpg